Horace Mooney
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Actor Philip Craig
Gavin Lee, younger
Seen "Love and Human Remains"
Gender Male
Status Living

Horace Mooney is an elderly citizen of Toronto who lived with Samuel and Mary Blake as a young indentured servant when he was little.


All the indentured children were mistreated by the Blakes, but they loved each other dearly. When little Horace overheard Rebecca and Charlie planning to commit suicide, they tried to reassure him. They told him they were going to take a disappearing potion (laudanum and cyanide) and only disappear for a while. They also told him that it was similar to what the Blakes took each night. Horace, five years old at the time, only understood that the people he loved was leaving him. So he switched the "happy potion" (laudanum) with the disappearing potion (the mixture) to try and keep those he loved close to them. The next morning, when Charlie and Rebecca told the children the Blakes had gone, he thought it worked.

Horace would eventually grow up to buy the Blake property, then sold it again after some years.

The whole mess would be brought to light again when the mummified remains of the Blakes turned up after digging at a construction site that was once the Blake property. After careful deduction and thinking, William Murdoch was able to figure out the truth of the Blakes' deaths. Horace confesses to remembering about that night and what he did. It was only much later he understood what he had done to them, and mused he didn't regret it. However, Brackenreid assures him that he won't be prosecuted, considering he was five, and they could hardly blame a five year old for misunderstanding words.