Horace Briggs
Still waters horace briggs
Actor Corey Sevier
Seen "Still Waters"
Gender Male
Status Living, presumably to be hanged
Relationships Minerva Fairchild, romantic interest
Job Gardener

Horace Briggs was employed as a gardener at the King's Rowing Club. He was also a skilled member of the men's rowing team.


When Richard Hartley, a member of a prominent family, wanted to join the team, Briggs was ousted to make room for him. The rest of the team were upset at this development. Briggs was much more talented than Hartley and the team was shortly to begin training for the 1896 Summer Olympics.

William Murdoch learned that the rowing team coach and the members had tried to get Hartley to quit so Briggs could be reinstated but that Hartley had refused. During a team hazing, Hartley was severely beaten. Hartley was found dead the next day and Briggs was the most popular suspect in the murder.

During his investigation, Murdoch learned that Hamilton Kane had asked the team to beat Hartley in hopes that he would leave the team. When Hartley turned up dead, Kane feared reprisal and so framed Briggs for the crime. Ironically, Briggs was indeed the killer. Briggs was romantically involved with Hartley's fiance, Minerva Fairchild. When Hartley was violent towards Fairchild, Briggs killed him.


  • Richard Hartley (drowned in a bathtub)