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Henry Higgins
Higgins 20th century
Actor Lachlan Murdoch
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships George Crabtree, friend/colleague
Unnamed Cousin
Job Constable

Constable Henry Higgins is a police officer at Toronto's Station House Four. He frequently assists George Crabtree in investigations. He is portrayed by Lachlan Murdoch. Higgins is best known for, quite frankly, doing and saying very little at all. It appears that he and George are quite good friends, and that he is somewhat of an assistant to him. Higgins has appeared in almost all the episodes.

Higgins had a homosexual cousin and so, was aware of the places where homosexual men gathered in Toronto ("'Til Death Do Us Part").

Higgins was amongst the sceptical constables to whom Murdoch presented his Numograph ("Still Waters").

Growing up, Higgins family owned a Piano Shop not that he enjoyed playing, but he loved all of the parts. ("Blast of Silence")

When Prince Alfred visited Toronto and Constable George Crabtree was assigned to his security, Higgins assisted Detective William Murdoch with an investigation into the murder of Maggie Gilpatrick. Murdoch taught Higgins about fingermarks and how to trace a person's next of kin. When it was determined there was a plot to kidnap Prince Alfred, Higgins was selected to impersonate the prince to help safeguard His Highness ("The Prince and the Rebel").

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