Henri Gaston
Red planet henri gaston
Actor Robert Racki
Seen "The Annoying Red Planet"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Adrienne Gaston (sister)

Henri Gaston was described by Constable George Crabtree as an "odd duck." He was fascinated by Mars and shared correspondence with Percival Lowell about the possible existence of Martians. Gaston's sister told Detective William Murdoch that Gaston's mind "troubled him."

When a government defence project involving a new dirigible moved to Concession 51 in Jerseyville, Gaston was one of the first to notice something amiss because he was often watching the night sky. Agent Terrence Meyers also began a campaign in Jerseyville to distract the public from what was going on. He ordered crop circles created and strange Martian "footprints" to be pressed into the soil. Gaston was eventually able to track down the launch site of the dirigible. The government agents took him up in the airship and tried to convince him of why it needed to be a secret but Gaston panicked and fell into a tree where he met his death by accidental hanging.


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