Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini
Actor Joe Dinicol
Seen "Houdini Whodunit"
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Magician
Comments This is an article about a fictional representation of an historical character, location or other entity; please see the article about Harry Houdini on Wikipedia.

Harry Houdini was an illusionist and escape artist.

Appearance Edit

He was putting on shows in Toronto. During a performance, a bank next door was robbed and the guard was killed. Houdini was a suspect because he would not account for his whereabouts. Eventually, the police learned that the man billed as Houdini's brother, who was a former engineer and thief who had helped construct the banks vault, had killed both the guard and the bank manager. Ruby Ogden, Julia's sister was working with Houdini to collect information for a story she was writing. She properly analyzed Julia's and William's attraction for each other.

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