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"Hades Hath No Fury"
1015 Hades Hath No Fury Placeholder
Season 10
Episode 1015
Air date February 20, 2017
Written by Michelle Ricci
Directed by Leslie Hope
Previous From Murdoch to Eternity
Next Master Lovecraft

"Hades Hath No Fury" is the fifteenth episode of Season Ten and the one hundred forty-seventh of the Murdoch Mysteries series. It first aired on February 20, 2017.


A mysterious explosion leads Detective Watts to discover the woman he has been trying to track down– Muriel Bruce.

The explosion involving the missing woman Watts has been investigating leads Murdoch to a surreptitious community.

It's a man's world, where women seeks refuge with explosive consequences. Watts suggests that they need a man on the inside, " You mean a woman," points out Inspector Brackenreid.

Character RevelationsEdit

  • The investigation has a profound personal impact on Detective Watts whose first name is Llewelyn.
  • Nate has a secret he is keeping from Rebecca which Inspector Brackenreid unwittingly discovers.
  • Dr. Ogden notes the shock for Det. Watts finding his sister to Murdoch, but Watts seems to be preoccupied with his original cases. Julia observes, "A man who avoids his feelings by occupying himself with work. I should think you two have found common ground at last."
  • There is a parallel between William and Susannah with Llewelyn and his sister, Clarissa– now known as 'Athena'; Watts asks Murdoch: "Would your sister forsake you for a house of women who have eschewed the world in which you live?" Murdoch's sister was a nun. (ep.410)


  • Detective Watts’ on-going investigation gets a big break and Muriel's book from Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood is an important clue.
  • Private Investigator Freddie Pink returns and goes undercover to assist the investigation.
  • This is the second time Inspector Brackenreid uses "canoodling", the first time was in Murdoch Ahoy.
  • Station House No. 4 is disrupted by another explosive experiment in Murdoch's office.
  • Reproductive manipulation? Julia is fascinated and Freddie suggests she talk with Demeter, who was attempting to fertilize the egg outside the womb; "She'd be thrilled to discuss her work with someone who understands it."
  • "The truth is absolute, unyielding, and eternal, Jackson. It is our one constant in a turbulent universe," to which Constable Jackson offers Det. Watts his favorite soft baked pretzel (ep.1012), thinking he could use one in the end scene.

Historical ReferencesEdit

  • Clues in the case reach back to the ancient Greek goddesses, but like modern "Amazons, the warrior women who lived without men." Detective Watts points out that "the Ancient Greeks are the founders of our modern patriarchy; Even Aristotle thought of women as little more than 'deformed men'."
  • Nettie Stevens (1861–1912) was an early American geneticist and one of the first American women to be recognized for her contribution to science.
  • The medical procedure whereby an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body is called in vitro fertilization (IVF); early research began at the turn of the century.

Trivia Edit



Main CastEdit

Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Dr. Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid

Recurring CastEdit

Mouna Traoré as Rebecca James
Kristian Bruun as Constable Jackson
Alex Paxton-Beesley as Winnifred “Freddie” Pink
Daniel Maslany as Detective Watts
Jordan Johnson-Hinds as Nate Desmond
Jonathan Robbins as Norman Bruce

Guest Cast Edit

Elizabeth Whitmere as Clarissa Watts
Natasha Greenblatt as Artemis
Greta Onieogou as Themis
Sophie Goulet as Demeter
Stephen Guy-McGrath as Hector Coleman

Uncredited Cast Edit

Gallery Edit

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