Georgina Reilly was born in England on February 12, 1986. Her career as a performer began at the age of ten on the BBC and when her family moved to Canada she continued to train and work as an actor. Reilly has appeared on Overruled!, The L.A. Complex and Republic of Doyle.

On Republic of Doyle, Reilly met her future husband, Mark O'Brien. The couple married on January 6, 2013. O'Brien guest starred as Emily Grace's ex-fiance in the Murdoch Mysteries episode, "Murdoch Night in Canada." Ironically, Reilly and O'Brien were engaged at the time.

Reilly joined the cast of Murdoch Mysteries as Dr. Emily Grace beginning in the fifth season. She was a fan of the series before being cast and already knew Jonny Harris. She left the show after Season 9 episode 3 Double Life, her 64th episode.


  • In a recent interview (2016) when Yannick Bisson was asked about Dr. Grace, he shared that both Georgina and her husband are successfully working in Los Angeles.

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