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"From Murdoch to Eternity"
1014 From Murdoch to Eternity
Season 10
Episode 1014
Air date February 13, 2017
Written by Simon McNabb
Directed by Jill Carter
Guest Stars Evan Marsh as Young Brackenreid
Recurring Peter Keleghan as Terrence Meyers
Peter Stebbings as James Pendrick
Bea Santos as Louise Cherry
Previous Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood
Next Hades Hath No Fury

"From Murdoch to Eternity" is the fourteenth episode of Season Ten and the one hundred forty-sixth of the Murdoch Mysteries series. It first aired on February 13, 2017.


Murdoch creates a tonic which restores youth but Crabtree is worried about his pursuit of a partnership.

Detective Murdoch gives a presentation giving tribute to the late James Pendrick and announcing the inventor's nearly perfected potion - a revolutionary break-through that Murdoch himself has unlocked– Pendrimine. The promise of eternal youth in just one dose, with the proof in the shocking appearance of Inspector Thomas Brackenreid, but is it worth going to jail for? Or is it a ruse?

When diplomats from all over the world are interested in bidding for the Pendrimine formula, Murdoch may just find someone with sufficient capital to make enough for the entire world, but Canadian Intelligence agent Tanner is sent by the Prime Minister to obtain the formula on behalf of the federal government of Canada. Murdoch welcomes him to make a bid for it – starting at one hundred million dollars – "for a formula that will change life as we know." But Canada's offer is zero. Agent Tanner suggests Murdoch do the right thing; it would be a shame "if you were to be convicted of... treason." A hanging offense.

Suspicious of Murdoch's intention and uncharacteristic behaviour, Crabtree's own investigation leads him to inadvertently let James Pendrick's killer escape while uncovering the Pendrimine ruse. The ruse is simple, pretend that Murdoch's key "additive" and that the stolen formula actually works. Pendrimine as a whole would be valuable to everyone but the additive alone would only be worth something to the person who'd stolen the formula and killed Pendrick. 

Character RevelationsEdit


  • Thomas Brackenreid and James Pendrick, last seen in Excitable Chap, return...dead or alive (?).
  • When Brackenreid asks Murdoch, "Do you know what it's like seeing your wife kissing another man?" Murdoch recounts Pendrick kissing Julia but he was able to subsume his feelings knowing that Julia herself clearly had nothing to do in the matter and obviously has no feelings for James Pendrick or any other man. But has he talked to her about it?
  • Sam hands George a box from Nina, returning his stuff including an inscribed copy of his novel.
  • The Motorized Bicycle appears again, an upgraded version.
  • Terrence Meyers is charged with treason, a set-up once again. (ep.715)

Historical ReferencesEdit

  • The alias "P.D. Lion" is a play on Ponce de León who was searching for the Fountain of Youth when he traveled to what is now Florida in 1513, but this is a myth.
  • The spy's poison Polonium is a rare and highly radioactive metal with no stable isotopes. Russian KGB Alexander Litvinenko & Yasser Arafat were suspected of being poisoned with it.
  • The "interminable new Henry James" is The Golden Bowl published 1904.
  • Americans building the Panama Canal and its impact on the environment.


  • Episode title possible play on the 1953 book, movie, and song title "From Here to Eternity" (not on its plot or storyline though).
  • Ari Millen (Orphan Black) makes a guest appearance. He got cast after auditioning ten times for Murdoch Mysteries.
  • According to Peter Mitchell, Evan Marsh studied Tom Craig, then did the scenes. Tom Craig dubbed all the lines a couple months later.
  • Director Jill Carter tweeted that the scene about Pendrick's kiss is her favorite Jilliam scene in this episode.
  • Filmed in Cambridge, Ontario.
  • Mouna Traoré as Rebecca James does not appear in this episode.



Main CastEdit

Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch
Hélène Joy as Dr. Julia Ogden
Thomas Craig as Inspector Thomas Brackenreid
Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree

Recurring CastEdit

Lachlan Murdoch as Constable Henry Higgins
Arwen Humphreys as Margaret Brackenreid
Peter Keleghan as Terrence Meyers
Peter Stebbings as James Pendrick
Bea Santos as Louise Cherry
Sean Connolly Affleck as Samuel Bloom
Glenda Braganza as Ashmi

Guest Cast Edit

Evan Marsh as Quinton Prout
Ari Millen as Agent Tanner

Uncredited Cast Edit

Nathan Hoppe as Constable McNabb


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