Francis Grout
Bad medicine francis grout
Actor Roger Clown
Seen "Bad Medicine"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Medical Doctor

Dr. Francis Grout worked with Dr. Burrit Greyson at the Greyson Institute for the Mind. He was especially interested in studying subjects who were in some way trapped within their minds. He worked extensively with Emily Pringle, Nathaniel Horton and Richard Binney.


Grout was murdered by Richard Binney because of the part Grout played in the death of Binney's fiance, Sophia Chaucer. Chaucer had been an epileptic subject under the care of Dr. Greyson. Greyson moved her to a private residence, Wykeham Lodge, where he performed a risky and untested surgery. Chaucer lost all of her memory and was later killed in a suspicious fire. Binney killed Grout because Grout had not come forward with any information.

As he lay dying, Grout began to write the word "Wykeham" in his own blood; a final attempt to "come clean" to the authorities.

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