Flora Rookwood
Childs play flora rookwood
Actor Catherine Fitch
Seen "Child's Play"
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Howard Rookwood (husband)
Eva Rookwood (daughter)
Polly Dunlap (adopted daughter)

Flora Rookwood was married to the wealthy Toronto businessman, Howard Rookwood. Together, they had a daughter called Eva.

Eva was molested and then murdered by her father. This was hidden from Flora who believed her daughter's death was an accident. After Eva's death, Howard suggested they take on a ladies' maid. A girl called Polly Dunlap was procured from Baker House. The couple took a liking to her and Polly was adopted. After the adoption, Flora and Howard began referring to Polly as Eva.

When Flora discovered that Howard had been molesting the girls, she murdered him by hitting him on the head with a shovel. Flora was questioned three times by Detective William Murdoch who eventually uncovered the truth. Flora was arrested but Murdoch believed the court would decide in her favour because of Howard's actions.


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