Feng Choy
Feng Choy
Actor Simon Sinn
Seen The Great Wall
Gender Male
Status Alive
Relationships Mai-Li, granddaughter, Ling, niece
Job shopkeeper

Feng Choy is a shopkeeper in Toronto's Chinatown.


Feng Choy was first seen when Murdoch enters his shop, wanting to question him about Mai-Li. Unfortunately, racist constables Townsend and Holder are there as well. When Murdoch talks to him, the constables threaten him. Fearful and distrusting of the police, he offered to pay Murdoch to get him to leave with a hefty load of cash, translating via his niece, as he speaks no English. However, he only buys some ginseng with a 5 cent piece and leaves.

He's later seen being arrested by Holder and another constable. Murdoch and the inspector quickly challenges Davies' authority. Townsend reveals they found the murdered Cooper's watch in his shop. As Holder continues to hurt Feng Choy's arm threateningly, Murdoch immediately takes control of the situation, stating that if anyone will arrest Feng Choy, it will be him, removing him from Holder's grasp.

Murdoch keeps trying to interrogate Feng Choy, but he refuses to speak. When he tries to question Ling, he becomes defensive whenever Mai-Li is mentioned, and refuses to talk to him about it. He remains in police custody and is thought to be guilty.

It's soon revealed Feng Choy refused to pay the corrupt policemen because one of them raped Mai-Li. He's his grandfather, and has been trying to protect her. Ling had told Cooper about what had happened.

After the real culprit is arrested, Feng Choy is released to his relatives. He thanks Murdoch, telling him that when there's good in one, there's good in the whole.

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