Father Franks
Til death father franks
Actor James Gallanders
Seen "'Til Death Do Us Part"
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Pastor

Father Franks was the pastor of Shuter Street Church in Toronto. Franks was to officiate at the wedding of his friend Wendell Merrick to Eunice McGinty. Both Franks and Merrick were homosexual and the wedding would have been a sham. When Merrick changed his mind at the last minute, Franks tried to console him. Shortly thereafter, Merrick was murdered by his brother, Thomas.

In investigating Wendell's murder, Detective William Murdoch interviewed Franks several times. For a while, Franks was suspected of being Wendell's lover and possibly his killer. However, Murdoch uncovered the truth that Eunice McGinty was in fact a con woman called Brigitte Klein. Klein and Thomas Merrick had been working together to get access to Wendell's half of the family business. Their plan failed when Wendell changed his mind about the marriage.