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Except the Dying (novel)
Except the Dying
Number 1 of 7
Published 1997
Written by Maureen Jennings
ISBN 978-0312168292
Next Under the Dragon's Tail

In the cold Toronto winter of 1895, the unclad body of a servant girl is found frozen in a deserted laneway. Detective William Murdoch quickly finds out that more than one person connected with the girl’s simple life has something to hide.



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  • The novel's title is taken from a line in the Emily Dickinson poem "The Last Night That She Lived."





  • Edith Foy
  • John Foy
  • Joe Seaton
  • Chief Constable Grasett
  • Constable Richmond
  • Mr. Driscoll
  • Mr. Wiggins
  • James McCay
  • Oliver Wicken
  • Arthur Johnson
  • Godfrey Shepcote
  • George Canning
  • John Tinney
  • Elizabeth Milner
  • Samuel Quinn
  • Webster
  • Constable Cavendish
  • Sergeant Seymour
  • Robert D. Moffat
  • Leticia Wright
  • Mathilda Kleiser
  • Charles Elrod
  • Maria Jenkins


  • Father Alphonse
  • Father Corbiere
  • Mansfield Otranto
  • Father Fair
  • May Brogan
  • Marianne
  • John Jarvis
  • Tim Black


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