Eugene Anderson
Eugene Anderson
Actor Mark Caven
Seen "Victor, Victorian"
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Freemason (Worshipful Master rank)

Eugene Andersen is a Worshipful Master and leader of the Toronto chapter of the Freemasons. While initiating Victor Bernard into the chapter, the latter suddenly foamed at the mouth and died after taking the blood oath. Thomas Brackenreid and George Crabtree, both Masons, called in Detective William Murdoch, whom Andersen discovered wasn't a Mason after he didn't response with the secret handshake. After Brackenreid vouched for the man, Andersen insisted that Crabtree, who was a higher Mason rank than the Inspector, to take lead on the investigation. After Crabtree advised that they send for Dr. Julia Ogden, make sure their brethren are cooperative and let Murdoch do his job, he passed reins of the investigation back to Brackenreid. Murdoch then proceeded to question Andersen regarding the victim. Andersen didn't know Victor personally and directed Murdoch to the Mason who invited him, Leonard Winters.

Later on, the chapter received Dr. Ogden, whom Andersen learned was a woman and objected to letting her in, but was convinced by Murdoch to let her examine the body.

Andersen was later brought in to Station House Four after the revelation that "Victor" was a woman. He expressed genuine shock and insisted that there must be confusion at the morgue. He became a suspect in Murdoch's eyes because of his opinions towards women. Andersen said that if the lodge had found out "Victor's" secret, they would've been humiliated and would've dismissed her quietly and discreetly.