Ettie Weston
Ette Weston
Actor Krista Bridges
Seen "The Green Muse"
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Madame

Ettie Weston was the madame of a house of prostitution (by the name of Madame Bernadette) where one of the "girls" was murdered.


At the beginning of the episode, Weston is seen presiding over her girls, laughing and partying. When a fire breaks out, she along with the other ladies hurry out. Meanwhile, due to the publicity from the case of her murdered "girl," her bordello was shut down. Afterwards, a temperance advocate tried to lecture her, but she hotly told him off, telling him he's condemned her girls to life on the street without any resources. Weston initially concealed from William Murdoch the fact that a respected judge was in the room when the prostitute was murdered. She later helped Murdoch identify the murderer.