Epilogue barclay 03
Web-Series Nightmare on Queen Street
Episode n/a
Written by Michelle Ricci
Directed by Laurie Lynd
Previous "The Chair"
Next "n/a"

"Epilogue-Barclay" is the first of three possible endings of Murdoch Mysteries: Nightmare on Queen Street.


Dr. Lyman Barclay has been found out! William Murdoch and Julia Ogden question him while Rebecca Foster and Dr. Luther Bates look on. Barclay tells them he was infatuated with Mary Foster because of her beautiful mind. When Foster began to complain of headaches, Barclay experimented on her. He thought he could help but ended up killing her.

Dr. Bates explains that he helped arrange for James Danby to be sentenced to the Toronto East Asylum after Danby killed his friend in a fight. Bates was trying to be helpful but he delivered Danby directly into the hands of Barclay. Danby's mind proved equally fascinating until Barclay's experiments killed him as well.

After Mary Foster's death, Rebecca Foster had nowhere to go. Dr. Barclay forged a file that said Rebecca was a potential violent offender and had her committed to keep her close. Barclay hoped that Rebecca would one day develop into a genius even greater than her mother.

Barclay staged Danby's murder scene. He placed Dr. Bates' cricket bat there to frame him but Rebecca stumbled upon the scene first and became incriminated herself.

Barclay tells Murdoch that he couldn't help but try to experiment on him. Barclay says that Murdoch's brain is among the most unique of all. Murdoch places Barclay under arrest.

Dr. Ogden tells Dr. Bates that he should tender his resignation. His brand of psychiatry is of no benefit to his patients. Ogden tells Rebecca that she may stay with her for as little or as long as she likes.


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