Emma Goldman
Screenshot (72)
Actor Lisa Norton
Seen War on Terror
The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold
Gender Female
Status Alive
Job Anarchist Leader
Comments This is an article about a fictional representation of an historical character, location or other entity.

Emma Goldman is a known anarchist and labor organizer who endorses the abolishment of governments, believing it would free the common people to act of their own free will.

Emma came to Toronto in 1899, at the same time Peter Milne's antique shop is bombed. Agent Terrence Meyers believed that Emma and her cohorts were the perpetrators of the bombing as a statement against capitalism. When Emma was in the middle of a speech promoting anarchism, the Toronto Constabulary cracked down on the gathering, forcing the anarchists to retreat back to their safehouse. In the chaos, Meyers and Detective William Murdoch infiltrated the anarchist group, finding American agent Allen Clegg having infiltrated them as well. Clegg subtly attempted to sway Emma into leading the anarchist into more aggressive action. Eventually, his words compelled a young man Pierce to light a stick of dynamite in the square where Emma made her speech, though no one was hurt, believing it would impress her. Instead, it had the opposite effect, as Emma condemned Pierce's actions, predicting that the police would arrest the entire chapter.

Soon after, a communist who just joined the chapter, Albert Wallace, identified Murdoch as a police officer, forcing the detective to grab Pierce and place him under arrest. Clegg convinced Emma to let the detective leave with Pierce.

Ultimately, the anarchists are cleared of any involvement in the bombing, as it was committed by Milne's landlord to force him out before the sale of the shop expired. ("War on Terror")

Appearances and Mentions

War on Terror

The Spy Who Came Up to the Cold

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