Emily Grace
Grace main2
Actor Georgina Reilly (TV series)
Penelope Corrin (Air Farce Special)
Seen The Murdoch Effect
"The Devil Inside" (archived footage)
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships George Crabtree, romantic interest, ended
Jerome Bradley, ex-fiance
T. H. Grace, father
Unnamed mother
Leslie Garland, romantic interest, ended
Lillian Moss (Helen Walker), romantic interest, deceased
Job Physician

Dr. Emily Grace was introduced as a recurring character and second female lead in season 5, a replacement for Dr. Ogden, as coroner at the City Morgue, and became a main character in season 6.

She was a love interest for George Crabtree. However, in season 7, they parted ways and George went with Edna. In season 8, Emily meets Lillian who brought back her happiness and they started courting right after episode 14 of the 8th season. In Season 9, Dr Grace departs for England in Double Life, marking the last consecutive appearance for the character, as actress Georgina Reilly left the show.


Doctor Emily Grace's past is barely revealed. In "Murdoch of the Klondike", Emily starts out as a very feisty, impatient and eager protégé but learns the rules of the station house pretty quickly. She was a romantic interest for George Crabtree and throughout Season 5 one can tell they are both interested in each other. She used to be engaged to Jerome Bradley but broke it off, as we discover in Murdoch Night In Canada. In the last episode, Twentieth Century Murdoch, George finally wins a kiss on the cheek from Dr. Grace. During the evacuation in Toronto during the episode Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom, George kisses her, thinking that they were going to die.

She and George Crabtree break off their relationship in Season 7 because of a new love interest for Dr. Grace, Leslie Garland. She unsuccessfully tries to win back George when Leslie Garland was pretending to be James Gillies and he is revealed to be the one who threatened Julia and Murdoch. In Toronto's Girl Problem (Season 8 episode 14) it is revealed that she is bisexual as she passionately kisses Lillian Moss at the end of the episode.

After George's arrest for the murder of Archibald Brooks, Emily is clearly devastated, demonstrating that she still has at least platonic affection for him, but her greatest challenge is yet to come in Season 9.

When Season 9 picks up again Emily has decided that she will move with Lillian to England in order to support the suffragette movements there.


Screenshot (129)

Emily Grace as Mademoiselle Desaree Deneuve

Mademoiselle Desiree Deneuve

Introduced in The Murdoch Sting, Deneuve is another suspect of murdering Ian Worthington. Deneuve unexpectedly met Leslie Garland on her way out of the station house but had to kiss him in order to not reveal herself as Emily Grace to Eva Pearce. Deneuve was then arrested by Constable Crabtree but threatened him with a gun. Crabtree and Deneuve struggle ending with Deneuve accidentally shooting herself.



  • At the Unlock the Mysteries of Murdoch : The Ultimate Insider Conference held on October 1, 2016 at CBC Broadcast Centre, a fan asked, "What is Dr. Grace doing now?". Co-Executive Producer and Writer Paul Aitken stated he has "no idea". There was no other response from the panel.


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February 2015 interview with Murdoch Mysteries Season 8 Co-producer and writer Michelle Ricci:

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