Ellen Granger
Body double ellen granger
Actor Amy Rutherford
Seen "Body Double"
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships David Martin, fiancé
Job Actress

Ellen Granger was an actress at the Grand Theatre in Toronto.


Ellen was talented, but had an affair with theatre owner Virgil Smart in 1892. On one occasion, Smart's wife, the actress Stella Smart, walked in on he and Granger in an intimate moment. In anger, Stella killed her husband. Granger and fellow cast mates Arthur Wellesley and David Martin helped Stella cover up the crime for fear that they would lose the theatre without Virgil.

Granger joined the theatre in 1889 playing the role of Juliet to David Martin's Romeo. By 1895 the couple was engaged to be married. However, that year they were arrested by Detective William Murdoch for their complicity in the murder of Virgil Smart.