Elizabeth MacFarlane
Actor Jane Moffatt
Seen Murdoch Ahoy
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationships Clarence MacFarlane, husband (deceased),
Amy MacFarlane, daughter

Elizabeth MacFarlane was the wife of shipping magnate Clarence MacFarlane and mother of Amy MacFarlane.


Elizabeth appeared to be concerned with the class structure and insisted her daughter marry a man of good standing, Owen Mathers. When Amy goes missing she is understandably terribly distraught.

Once Clarence's part in the sinking ship is revealed, Elizabeth's heartbroken. Thankfully, the detectives rescue Amy and Elizabeth realizes her hard stance on society class had nearly cost a mother her daughter and her happiness. Elizabeth then accepts Amy's true love, Johnny.

Though she attempted to convince Clarence to board the lifeboat, he refused. Afterwards in the police station, she explains how she couldn't believe her husband would do such a thing, yet thanks the police for their good work.

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