Eleanor Grimes
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Actor Trish Lindstrom
Seen "The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch"
Gender Female
Status Crinimal
Relationships James Pendrick, boss
Job film assistant and editor

Eleanor Grimes was the film assistant and editor for James Pendrick and his films.

Key Events

Eleanor was often berated and vocally abused by James Pendrick, and is revealed to be the mastermind behind the three attempted murder plots against her boss.

Eleanor had made three films on her own, but Thomas Edison swooped in and took them for patent infringement (as she used one of his cameras), taking credit for all of them. Thus she was reduced to a lowly assistant to one she regarded as having "lesser talent." Miss Grimes hatched a plot to kill her boss and pin the blame on Thomas Edison, thus leaving room for her to take the spotlight as a filmmaker. However, a comment she made about seeing the film a thousand times led Murdoch to discovering she was the culprit, as in the first movie she knew exactly when to fire a shot the same time as the movie. Another strike against her was that Eleanor's fingerprints were on a sound device that almost electrocuted Mr. Pendrick.

After these astonishing conclusions, Miss Grimes attempted to run away, but was knocked down by Dr. Ogden and promptly arrested.