Eddie Cullen
Prince rebel eddie cullen
Actor Vincent Walsh
Seen "The Prince and the Rebel"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Abigail Cullen (wife)
Katie Cullen (daughter)
Job Bartender

Edward "Eddie" Cullen was a friend of Detective William Murdoch's. As children, the two were raised together by Jesuits. Eddie had planned to become a priest but instead became tangled in the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

Cullen had a wife named Abigail and a daughter named Katie. When they were visiting Ireland, Abigail and Katie were killed in a church where the priest was suspected of treason against the the United Kingdom of Great Britain. This gave Cullen an even stronger incentive to work with the Brotherhood and a mistrust of police.

Cullen was part of a Brotherhood plot to kidnap Prince Alfred when he visited Toronto. However, a Brotherhood member, Maggie Gilpatrick, attempted to warn the police, and she was murdered before she could do so. An investigation undertaken by Murdoch eventually led to Cullen's bar, where the two old friends were reunited. Murdoch explained that he was looking for John Tucker, who was connected to the murder, and Cullen claimed that he would keep an eye out. When Cullen became suspect in the Brotherhood's plot, despite his reservations that his friend would be involved, Murdoch questioned him. Cullen kept his silence, defiantly humming a song, forcing Murdoch to put him in the station house jail cells. Following the bombing of the prince's carriage, in which the body of John Tucker was found, Cullen was released.

The Brotherhood managed to capture Prince Alfred thanks to their leader, David Jennings, who had insinuated himself as the prince's valet, along with Murdoch, sending a ransom demand for Ireland to be freed of British rule. Cullen loaded his late mother's barnhouse for the Brotherhood's use to hold their hostages. However, when the Toronto Constabulary tracked them down and surrounded the barn, Jennings started accusing members of his cell of tipping off the police. Like a cornered animal, Jennings prepared to burn down the barn to kill the Prince. When Cullen protested, Jennings accused him of being the snitch due to his association with Murdoch and ordered him to kill the detective to prove his loyalty. Having a change of heart, Cullen instead use Jennings' gun to kill him, inadvertently setting the barn on fire, forcing the Brotherhood to run out straight into the police. After freeing Murdoch and Alfred, Cullen then committed suicide rather than be hanged for his crimes.


  • This fictional character shares his name with another fictional character, from the popular Twilight series.