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Dr. Roberts
20th century dr. roberts
Actor Paul Amos
Seen "Snakes and Ladders"
"Me, Myself and Murdoch"
"Murdoch in Toyland"
"Twentieth Century Murdoch"
Gender Male
Status Interim living (cryogenically frozen)
Job Psychiatrist

Dr. Roberts was a practicing psychiatrist who assisted William Murdoch with a number of cases.

Key EventsEdit

"Snakes and Ladders" Edit

"Werewolves" Edit

"Me, Myself and Murdoch" Edit

Roberts helped Murdoch diagnose multiple personality disorder in the case of Charlotte, who was suspected of having murdered her father.

"Murdoch in Toyland" Edit

Roberts was called up by Murdoch again to put him in a state of hypnosis as he played a recording of a mysterious person from a talking doll, which was part of a mystery involving a kidnapped-later-rescued girl, and a decapitated corpse. Murdoch soon recognized the voice to be belonging to James Gillies

"Twentieth Century Murdoch" Edit


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