Dr. Lionel Ogden
Screenshot (47)
Actor David Fox
Seen The Death of Dr. Ogden
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Julia Ogden, daughter
Ruby Ogden, daughter
Deceased wife
Caroline Hill, childhood sweetheart
Darcy Garland, son-in-law (Deceased)
Job Doctor or scientist
Dr. Lionel Ogden was the father of Ruby Ogden and Julia Ogden.


Lionel Ogden does not appear alive, and his first, physical appearance is when a vision of him seems to haunt Julia as she struggles to unravel the truth about his death. Julia had mixed feelings about her father, as he pushed her to become the woman she was, but still felt distant.

After Caroline HIll revealed that she assisted his suicide, Julia found out he'd been diagnosed with a disease that'd eventually kill him. Caroline suspected that he called Julia (in the previous episode) because he wanted her to help him die a peaceful death.

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