1015 Demeter 2
Actor Sophie Goulet
Seen Hades Hath No Fury
The Canadian Patient
21 Murdoch Street
Gender Female
Status Alive
Demeter, a.k.a. Marilyn Clark, is first introduced as a member of the women's sanctuary at the Greenwood Estate in Rosedale, a place free of the unwelcome influence of the male sex in Season 10.

Appearances and Mentions

Hades Hath No Fury

  • Demeter keeps to herself. She left her family because they wouldn't let her continue her studies.
  • Liking her solitude, Demeter spends her time in the cellar, where she is attempting to fertilize an egg with two female chromosomes outside the womb, ensuring a female baby.

The Canadian Patient

  • At the Toronto Medical Exposition, having returned to her given name Marilyn Clark, she continues to promote her ideas, to acheive a world without men, and raising funds for her experiements. "First, I hope to achieve my aims through intra-uterine fertility methods." Dr. Ogden is intriqued and asks to read Clark's research material.
  • To Marilyn's surprise, Dr. Ogden returns to her booth with an offer she can not refuse.

21 Murdoch Street

  • After an exhaustive search of local farms, Clark finds three rare specimens - infertile rabbits not able to enter into heat, suggesting a hormone deficiency. She plans to extract Chasteberry's medicine, used in folk-infertility remedies since Ancient Greece, much the same way as Aspirin was from willow bark. When one of the rabbits dies, proving the medicine to be poisonous, Dr. Ogden is disheartened.
  • Finally, one of the rabbits goes into heat – it worked! Dr. Ogden refrains her urge to give Marilyn a hug choosing instead to invite her for a libation to celebrate but Marilyn does "not partake in the sorrows of drink". Leaving Clark to her work, "Let me know when you've synthesized more of the hormone." Ecstatically happy Dr. Ogden kisses her on the cheek just as she leaves their lab.

Murdoch Schmurdoch

Shadows Are Falling

Free Falling



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