Crown Hershey Dillard
Crown Dillard
Actor Eric Peterson
Seen Hangman
Status Deceased (hanged)
Hershey Dillard was a former crown prosecutor in Season 3.

Appearance and Mentions


  • While he originally started out as an honest prosecutor, Dillard grew frustrated at the amount of guilty people walking free, so he starts to manufacture evidence in order to punish the guilty. Part of his strategy involves a prostitute named Myrtle Smith, who took on pseudonyms such as Agatha Meldrum, to provide false testimony, in exchange for his office turning a blind eye to her activities.
  • Unfortunately, Michael Worketin (one of the people he did this to) turns out to be innocent and is executed. After the real murderer Freddie Duckworth confesses to the executioner Theodore Pleasant in a sadistic attempt to taunt him, Pleasant confronts Judge Enoch Mead with Duckworth's confession.
  • Mead investigates and discovers that Dillard has bribed Myrtle Smith into making up the damning testimony that had swung the jury. Mead get angry and confronts Dillard, who murdered Mead and framed a man named Cecil Fox. Dillard almost gets away with it, but the man in charge of executing Fox had been the same man to execute Worketin and Duckworth.
  • Theodore Pleasant helps Fox escape the noose, and, while on the run, Dr. Ogden proves Fox innocent.
  • While publicly feigning contrition Dillard triesto frame Pleasant for the murder but is caught. He rants about how Mead had been weak and wis ironically executed, ranting to the end how he would be forgiven for doing the lord's work. However, Pleasant's replacement, Gideon Catchpole, botches the hanging and decapitates him instead.

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