Conrad Hunt
Elementary conrad hunt
Actor Tom Barnett
Seen "Elementary, My Dear Murdoch"
Gender Male
Status Living, arrested
Relationships James Hunt (son)

Conrad Hunt was a man whose son had died. He believed that his son was speaking to him through a medium named Sarah Pensell.


Elementary, My Dear Murdoch

  • Ida Winston had discovered that Sarah Pensell was a fraud and intended to expose her. Hunt truly believed Pensell could communicate with his son so he killed Winston to prevent Pensell's disgrace. Later, Hunt also killed Fredrick Waters, the head of the Toronto Paranormal Society, with whom Winston was having an affair. For a time, the second murder removed Hunt as a suspect in Detective William Murdoch's investigation. However, Murdoch eventually realized that Hunt must be the killer.
  • Murdoch convinced Pensell to conduct a false seance in which Hunt's son would coerce Hunt into confessing his crimes, which he did, afterwards being arrested for his crimes.