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City Records
916 City Records
Type Public Government Office
Location Toronto

City Records is the municipal archives for the city of Toronto, holding records created by the government and non-government, records created by private groups and individuals with photographs of Toronto as well as maps, plans and architectural drawings. It is known today as the City of Toronto Archives.

From the very beginning, it is Constable Crabtree who is the frequent visitor and user, often referencing it with his research and findings to the Inspector and Detective.

It is not until Season 9 that the City Records becomes an actual location and workplace on Murdoch Mysteries when a demoted Brackenreid  reports to Mr. Dilbert who heads the City Records with a strict hand and a swear jar.

In Bl..dy H.ll, a jailed Inspector Brackenreid, falsely accused of racketeering, takes Chief Constable Davis' offer of keeping his pension and staying out of jail by taking the position, thus preventing further harassment of Station House No.5 and wasting police manpower on fruitless investigations. Ironically, Brackenreid finds the proof of corruption while in the process of converting a new filing system at City Records.

Appearances & Mentions Edit

Hell to Pay

Bl..dy H.ll

House of Industry (Mention)

Murdoch of the Living Dead (Mention)

The Ghost of Queen's Park (Mention)

Lovers in a Murderous Time (Mention)

Bloodlust (Mention)

Dead End Street (Mention)

Love and Human Remains (Mention)

Me, Myself and Murdoch (Mention)

Trivia Edit

The City Records room was filmed in the same set as the opulent opium den in Pipe Dreamzzz : The magic of Murdoch Mysteries Art & Sets Departments.

Gallery Edit

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