Childs play circumscope
Inventor William Murdoch
First Appearance "Child's Play"

The Circumscope is invented by Detective William Murdoch using a pair of Thomas Brackenreid's opera glasses. The name comes from circum (Latin for around) and scope (Greek for target or to watch).

The Circumscope is a version of what we, today, would recognize as a periscope. The first periscope-type device was designed by Johannes Gutenberg in the 1430s but the device we are familiar with wasn't perfected until World War I.

Appearances and Mentions

Child's Play

Murdoch Takes Manhattan

  • Murdoch builds an elongated circumscope out of the water closet “tubes” and Julia's mirrors to view the room above theirs at the Park Embassy hotel, first through the windows then through the heater vent.

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