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Chief Constable Giles
Murdoch night in canada giles
Actor Nigel Bennett
Seen "Murdoch in Wonderland"
"Murdoch of the Klondike"
"Back and to the Left"
"War on Terror"
"Murdoch Night in Canada"
"Twentieth Century Murdoch"
"Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom"
"Crime and Punishment"
"The Murdoch Trap"
"What Lies Buried"
"Nolo Contendere"
Gender Male
Status Living, jailed
Relationships Constable Finch, enemy
Peter Reid, lover, ended
Constable Hodge, close friend
Job Chief Constable (formerly)

Chief Constable Giles worked for the Toronto Constabulary from at least 1881 up until his arrest in 1902.

Biography Edit

Chief Constable Percival Giles is a recurring character and is one of the antagonists of William Murdoch and even Inspector Thomas Brackenreid at times.

They often disagree on crime solving methods and in "The Murdoch Trap", Giles suspends Murdoch from working on the case of Darcy Garland's murder.

Giles suspects that Murdoch released Constance Gardiner, and continues to hound him about throughout his time as Chief Constable.

It is revealed, in "What Lies Buried", that Giles has a sordid past himself; he is a homosexual and was being blackmailed by the murder victim, Constable Finch (who was himself a murderer). Sadly, the man Giles was in love with, Peter Reid, turned out to be an accomplice of Finch, who had seduced Giles in order to let Finch take a compromising photograph of Giles. When Giles discovered he had been betrayed by his lover, he openly wept. Constable Hodge (who in those days had a friendship with Giles similar to Murdoch and Constable George Crabtree) accidentally killed Constable Finch while Finch was trying to give then-Inspector Stockton the glass negative of the picture of Giles with Reed, by hitting him with the station mascot, an iron monkey statuette called "Nelly". Together, Giles and Hodge hid the body in the basement, which was just about to have a new concrete floor poured.

Constable Hodge is tried for manslaughter and Giles for obstruction of justice. According to Inspector Brackenreid, " he being an admitted homosexual who buried a body, not to mention he's a copper, will more than likely do more time than Hodge," which Murdoch finds unfair.

Part of the reason that Giles is so hell-bent on making Murdoch reveal the truth may stem from the damage that concealing his crimes has done to his life and personal relationships.

In "Nolo Contendere", Giles is in prison along with George. When a man who wanted information about George's ex-fiancee, Edna Brooks, gets stabbed, Giles helps George investigate after recognizing that he will not let it go. He advised George on the minds of the inmates, able to get a suspect for Murdoch by having the inmates bet on the most likely culprit.


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