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Charlotte (formerly Minerva Fairchild)
Still waters minerva fairchild
Actor Charlotte Sullivan
Seen Still Waters
"The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch"
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relationships Richard Hartley, ex-boyfriend
Horace Briggs, romantic interest
James Pendrick, sweetheart
George Crabtree, crushed on & kissed

Minerva Fairchild aka Charlotte is an aspiring actress in the film industry and James Pendrick's sweetheart.

In Still Waters Edit

Minerva Fairchild was engaged to Richard Hartley, who was found dead in his rowing team uniform. She told  William Murdoch that Hartley had argued with Coach Hamilton Kane of the rowing team. Murdoch eventually found that Fairchild was romantically involved with Horace Briggs. Briggs had been a member of the team until ousted to make room for Hartley. On the night Hartley was initiated into the team, Fairchild told him she was breaking off their engagement. Hartley became violent and Fairchild fled. Briggs drowned Hartley in a bathtub. Fairchild saw Hartley's body but did not report the crime. Fairchild was a smoker. Her would-be mother in law, Mrs. Hartley, thought it was beneath a woman to smoke.

In The Filmed Adventures of Detective William Murdoch Edit

When James Pendrick decides to film a movie at Station House 4 a young lady comes forward to stand beside Pendrick. Murdoch suddenly recognizes her and started to ask, "Are you Minerva Fairchild?" and she says she goes by Charlotte now. Charlotte is seen throughout the episode. During filming for the movie, she acts romantically with George Crabtree which quite upsets Emily Grace.

Gallery Edit

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