Brigitte Klein
Til death brigitte klein
Actor Waneta Storms
Seen "'Til Death Do Us Part"
Gender Female
Status Hanged
Relationships Thomas Merrick (lover)
Wendell Merrick (fiance)
Job Con artist

Brigitte Klein was a con artist. There were warrants for her arrest in several southern Ontario towns.


Klein worked with Eunice McGinty as a ladies' companion in Niagara Falls for Mrs. Shryer. McGinty died, either as a suicide or murder, she was thrown from the top of the falls. Klein then assumed her identity and moved to Toronto. There, she had a relationship with Thomas Merrick. Merrick convinced Klein to marry his homosexual brother, Wendell Merrick, so that Wendell could inherit his half of the family business. Their plan was then to murder Wendell and become rich through ownership of the entire business.

The plot was uncovered by Detective William Murdoch during his investigation into the murder of Wendell Merrick and Klein was arrested.

In Murdoch in Toyland , Crabtree wrote the criminals and their status on blackboard. Her name does not appear, however she impersonated Eunice McGinty. On list it is revealed that Eunice McGinty was hanged. The real Eunice McGinty was killed by Brigitte. In fact, Inspector Brackenreid called Brigitte "Eunice", as well.


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