Bobby Brackenreid
Actor Daniel Fleming (Season 1)
Gage Monroe (Season 3)
Jayden Greig (Season 6 and 7)
Seen Season 1
"The Glass Ceiling"
Season 3
"Rich Boy, Poor Boy"
Season 6
Murdoch Air
Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom
Season 7
Tour de Murdoch
A Merry Murdoch Christmas
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Thomas Brackenreid, father
Margaret Brackenreid, mother
Johnny, brother
Charlie Brackenreid, cousin

Bobby Brackenreid is the son of Thomas and Margaret Brackenreid and younger brother of John Brackenreid.

Appearances and Mentions

The Glass Ceiling

Rich Boy, Poor Boy

  • While playing with Robert, a boy from a wealthy family, Bobby gets kidnapped, mistaken for Robert (Which might have happened due to that the name Bobby also can be use as a nickname for the name Robert). Bobby is kidnapped by Robert's biological mother and her brother, but is rescued by the police.

Murdoch Air

Murdoch and the Cloud of Doom

Tour de Murdoch

The Devil Wears Whalebone

  • Bobby fights Simon over a penny found, but they make up for the scuffle in the end.

A Merry Murdoch Christmas


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