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Bloom and Crabtree Autoshop
Mm1002-Garage 1
Type Garage Business
Location Toronto
First Appearance Great Balls of Fire, Part 2
Bloom and Crabtree Autoshop is the business owned and run by Samuel Bloom, brother of Nina Bloom. It could be said to be a new family business in Toronto with an investment by George Crabtree after the Great Fire burnt down their first shop.

Appearances and Mentions Edit

Great Balls of Fire, Part 2 Edit

  • Crabtree and Bloom partnership begins.

Painted Ladies (mentioned by Crabtree) Edit

Mr. Murdoch's Neighbourhood Edit

  • After discovering that George is partners in the business and that Samuel gives her new car a favorable check, Louise Cherry writes a story in the Gazette.

From Murdoch to Eternity Edit

  • Business has really picked up since they've been in the paper.

Trivia Edit

  • MM fans have noted between Crabtree's ideas and Miss Cherry's marketing savvy, this is the stuff empires are made of!

Gallery Edit

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