Beth Tipton
Beth Tipton
Actor Ingrid Kavelaars
Seen ""
Gender Female
Status Living, arrested
Relationships Enid Jones, former co-worker

Beth Tipton was a telegraph operator.


After learning that how Kingsley Adams used the telegraph to seduce young, impressionable woman, Beth killed him, buried his body in a shallow grave and impersonated him over the telegraph to swindle her marks out of their life savings. However, her co-worker Veronica became suspicious and to keep her secret, Beth killed her and made it look like she slit her wrists.

As Detective Murdoch and Enid Jones attempted to use the telegraph to discover the killer's identity, Beth, being an associate of Jones, made a threat over the telegraph against her son Alwyn. Later on, when questioned by Murdoch, Beth pointed the finger at her manager, Gabriel Ryder. She later invited Ryder over to her apartment, where she killed him and hid his body, intending for him to take the fall for her crimes, and planned on later sending the constabulary a taunting telegraph from "Ryder". She then ransacked her own apartment before heading over to the telegraph office and bound her own hands behind her back, making it seem to Murdoch that Ryder kidnapped her and she managed to grab a telegraph to call for help. However, Murdoch became suspicious upon noticing that her bonds were self-inflicted, and had Constable George Crabtree pretend to be Ryder over the telegraph so Beth would panic and lead them to Ryder's body. Before being arrested, Beth remarked that the telegraph can be so deceptive; no one can know who's really on the other end.