Bernice Taylor
Bernice Taylor
Actor Rosemary Dunsmore
Seen "Me, Myself and Murdoch"
Gender Female
Status Living
  • Alexander Taylor (husband)
  • Charlotte Taylor (stepdaughter)
  • Joshua Taylor (stepson)
  • Robert Edwards (stepson)

Bernice Taylor had married Alexander Taylor whose previous wife had supposedly left him. She took the other woman's name to "facilitate" some real estate transactions. She had difficulty dealing with children, especially with her stepdaughter, Charlotte's multi-personality disorder. For a short while, Murdoch suspected her of having murdered her husband, after finding a bloodied apron. He later brought in Bernice to Station House Four for questioning about Charlotte's half-brother, Robert, who ran away from home years ago, expressing indifference to his flight. Later on, when Murdoch discovered she wasn't Bernice Taylor and brought her in again, where she explained why she took on the first Bernice's name. When she claimed that children like Charlotte are born difficult, Murdoch shocked her by revealing that Charlotte witnessed her father burying her real mother, hence why she's full of rage. Eventually, Alexander's murderer is revealed to be Robert, who had returned to his childhood home, only to learn of Bernice Two. Suspecting that his stepfather killed his mother, Robert killed him in retaliation and planted the bloodied apron in an attempt to frame Bernice Two.