Amos Robinson
Knockdown amos robinson
Actor Andrew Hinkson
Seen "The Knockdown"
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Fannie Robinson (wife)
Job Boxer

Amos Robinson was a boxer under the management of Ozzie Beers.


Beers found Robinson living on the streets when Robinson was 14 years-old. He offered him a job and soon began to train him as a boxer. In Robinson's first 40 fights he had 40 knockouts.

Robinson married Fannie Robinson and he hoped to escape the management of Beers with her. He saved up a great deal of money and, just before his death, he purchased two rail tickets to San Francisco. Beers grew to love Fannie as well and tried to "sell" Robinson to Jeb Cutler to get him out of the way.

Fannie was originally accused of Robinson's murder as she was found over his body, however, Detective William Murdoch proved that Ozzie Beers was the true murderer. Fannie was set free and Murdoch gave her the money and rail tickets that Robinson had intended to use with her.


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