Aaron Rauls
Screenshot (88)
Actor Marqus Bobesich
Seen A Midnight Train to Kingston
Gender Male
Status Criminal
Relationships James Gillies, employer

Nathaniel Henry, co-conspirator

Aaron Rauls is one of James Gillies' henchmen.

Appearances and Mentions

A Midnight Train to Kingston

  • Aaron was confronted by Brackenreid and Murdoch as he was walking towards the back car where James Gillies was held. He claimed he was going to Montreal, acting fidgety, but that didn't dissuade the constabulary. He explained he was late for the train and had to hire a cab, and shot back a question about why he was being interrogated.
  • Murdoch reviews his ticket, then asks if he knows James Gillies. Aaron lies and tells him everyone knows who James Gillies is, since his crimes have been well-published. He again tried to move to the back, but Murdoch quickly insists he sits down in that compartment. Begrudgingly, Aaron complies.
  • Later while Murdoch and Julia are talking, Aaron politely offers Julia a drink from his flask, noticing her shaky state. Julia accepts gladly. When Murdoch abstains, he murmurs that at least one of them doesn't mind a bit of fun.
  • After a body is found, Officer Jackson remembers that Aaron was absent from his seat, and was looking for him when he discovered said corpse. However, Aaron denies leaving the passenger car, stating he simply moved seats to escape a snoring man around 10:30. The man next to him reaffirms the alibi.
  • Murdoch soon deduces a passenger at the front seat of the first compartment could have walked outside the train without being seen to the baggage car to kill the victim and back without being spotted. George checks the list and realizes the passenger is Rauls.
  • Rauls angrily asks why they keep pestering him, as this is the third time. When asked what he was doing at 8:30, he coldly states he was finishing business with a client at King & Bathurst. The men note that the spot is actually closer to Union Station, meaning if he was really going to Montreal, he would've caught a train there instead.
  • Aaron takes off his jacket at the officers' command and they discover a sharp skewer. They roll up his sleeves and this reveals a tattoo showing he was a convict. He's sent to the back compartment along with Gillies.
  • After Nathaniel Henry, the man who upheld is alibi, is questioned, it's found out he was also a convict, serving time for safe-cracking. He's sent to the back and it's revealed that they came to claim a supposed $20,000 that was on the train. However, another gang of cons are revealed to be trying to break into the safe. However, when a single constable is left behind with the three men, Gillies, Rauls and Henry escape their cuffs and take a woman hostage. After Gillies stabs her, he manages to make a getaway, but Henry and Rauls are caught.